CTO /Co Founder of Traveliko

Bjorn found his passion for computers at the age of 7. He has 16+ years of professional experience creating and implementing enterprise-level applications in areas such as finance, banking, advertising, publishing, healthcare, education, e-commerce and music. Some of his most recent ventures include co-creating the elearning platform for the state of Texas, with 40 million daily K12 users and creating an emotional-reasoning engine that can make highly accurate suggestions on how people should make choices for a happier life.

Bjorn is not only passionate about software but an entrepreneur as well. He has founded, or helped co-found, 5 startups including a software consultancy, a health information exchange, a mobile-conference calling app and a gaming company. If you ask him what his main strength is he would say: “Bringing passionate and competent people together and help facilitate birthing a vision from which to execute and create something amazing.”