The world would be a much better place if everyone exercised. My journey to becoming the better version of my physical-self started in the year 2012 and I have not looked back since. “You are what you eat. Your body is your temple. The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do.” Yes, yes and yes. The healthy lifestyle in Bangkok is still growing, in my personal opinion, but it is getting there!

A few years ago, you would never see anyone order a “green smoothie” at a café or hear anyone talk about kale and quinoa. Some people still do not even know how to pronounce “quinoa (by the way, it’s pronounced “keen-wah”)!” Lucky for us, who live in a country where sugar is one of the main ingredients in almost every dish, now wherever you go, you can easily spot a yoga studio or a CrossFit gym, for those who like something more challenging, including damaging your bones and joints!

Speaking on a more personal level, though, back in 2012, I was the only active one out of all my friends. My friends judged me for controlling my diet and waking up early to go to the gym because not that many people understood the power of results then. These days, I go to the gym and I almost feel a little bit ashamed of myself for not looking as good as half of the girls in the same gym class!

Bangkok is definitely not up to the Australian or Californian healthy lifestyle standards yet, but people are becoming more and more interested in being healthier and looking better. Green smoothies and acai bowls are on the menu at your new hip cafes, and whole-wheat pasta is available, catered to your diet, for those who are looking after their weight. People are becoming more and more educated on what to consume and what to ditch.

Here are a few of my favorite healthy eateries in Bangkok (in random order):

Rocket Coffee Bar

My go-to dish is the Rocket’s Benedict and of course, the green smoothie. You can never go wrong with eggs benedict for some protein to help your muscles recover or be prepared for your work out! The poached eggs are perfectly poached and they are served with a few slices of chorizo. Or you can even order extra side dishes like sautéed mushrooms, semi-dried cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese, etc. And how can you say no to their green smoothie, a glass full of vitamins and antioxidants topped with chia seeds? I promise it does not taste as gross as it sounds!. It’s a perfect blend of kale, cucumber, spinach, lemon, coconut, and fresh spirulina.

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I had a chance to go and check out Veganarie with my vegan friend (of course) not too long ago. The restaurant is located behind the Benjasiri park and has a cozy terrace. My favorite dish there has got to be the zucchini pasta in tomato sauce. Instead of the usual carbs-pasta, they use zucchini instead and top it with fresh tomato sauce. It could be rather bland for those who are not used to raw food, but this dish satisfies my craving for pasta when I am trying not to be naughty with my diet. I will be honest, though, you will get hungry after an hour or so because you basically just ate zucchini strips in tomato sauce as your meal – just snack on those carrot and celery sticks!

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Yes, this is actually a fish and chips restaurant and not your usual green/clean/raw food cafes. I normally do not enjoy the taste of fish very much, but Kai is an exception. Their fish is fresh and there are options of how you want to have your fish cooked – buttered, stir-fried or tin-foiled. I like to go for the “tin-foiled” option because if I am trying to be healthy, I do not want my food to be deep-fried. And instead of chips, you can ask for a salad as a side dish and some extra tartar sauce for your delicious fish! There you go, your post-workout dinner is sorted.

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Bangkok has stepped up its game on healthy eateries – whether you want a smoothie blended with spirulina or spaghetti that is actually not carbohydrates at all, you will not be disappointed!. Remember that it is 80% in the kitchen and 20% diet…or something like that. Eat your rainbows and keep on pumping that iron. Stay tuned for where to hunt for desserts that will not make you gain weight!