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Hey, y’all—my name’s Phil. I’m twenty-six and I’m living in the Big Mango until my feet start itchin’ again. For the sake of ease, let’s just say I’m from ‘smaller-town’ America. I’m a writer by day, teacher by evening, and dancer by night and my only problem is that I’m still not sure how I’m supposed to find time to sleep…





+ Your favorite place in the world?
I can’t say that I really have one. My favorite places make me gasp at their towering skyscrapers and gilt temples, blink away confusion when I see customs very different from my own, and where I laugh with people whose language I barely (or do not) speak. Nature has its allure, but take me where the people are.

+ Your kinda travel? What kind of travel are you?
I wander. I sketch the barest plan and go. Once I arrive at my destination, I ask the locals where I should go. Or I just wander the streets, content with absorbing the atmosphere of places faraway, mystic and remote because of their name alone. I often travel alone, embracing the serendipity of going somewhere without a plan. I walk and have confidence that it all will work out.

+ Who/What inspire you?
People who admit their mistakes, own their faults, and who believe that the best way to learn is to fail—they have a lot of courage and wisdom… more so than I do, but we all have goals. I also admire people who are more patient than me.

+ Your favorite book and why?
As someone who studied literature in college, this is like asking me who my favorite child is. I can’t answer it truly, but I can give you this: my favorite poem is ‘since feeling is first’ by e.e. cummings. It encourages you to love with abandon, to recognize that overthinking destroys your chance to truly experience life and, most importantly for me, be in the present moment.

+ Why traveling is important to you?
I come from, when compared to the rest of the world, a small city. I heard the same thoughts every day, the same excuses, the same complaints—I felt like I was trapped in an echo chamber. Travelling gave me the opportunity to break out and see the world for myself: to form my own opinions, find my own insights, and to look beyond the myopia of my fellow Oklahomans. I wanted to grow, to be bold and brave, and I could not do that at home.

+ Your favorite affirmation?
Be excellent to each other.

+ What is something you really love to do?
Watch the sunrise glint off of the mirrored skin of skyscrapers. Wander through morning markets, catching the cant of conversation perfumed by incense.I love to try to find the mystic by searching for it where you would not think it is.

+ Your most treasured possession?
My father’s advice.

+ How do you switch off?
I leave my phone in the other room, crack open a book, or do yoga.

+ Motto that you live by?
“There are three things to get angry about: one, when someone tries to hurt you. Two, when someone tries to hurt your family. Three, when someone tries to hurt your stuff. The rest is not worth your time.” – my father.