The Firm, a new hip hangout place opening on Sukhumvit 33 in Bangkok, is already shaping up to be the locale for people who style themselves as classy, suave, and confident–in a word, people who deserve to be seen in prestigious places.

The Firm is split in two: the first, a nightclub which offers premium membership packages and stages a variety of events, including world-class DJs and other acts. The second, a bar & restaurant, serving unique dishes designed by a celebrated chef who carefully oversees all aspects of preparation and presentation.

The Firm specializes in a festival of flavors from East and West, North and South, alongside time-honored favorites like burgers, pizzas, and delicious Thai cuisine. They also offer signature fusion dishes that are pleasing to all your senses. Here are my top 3 must-try dishes at the Firm:

Healthy Meets Delicious

I style myself a healthy eater, but I didn’t know a salad could taste this fantastic. The Iberico ham is slightly salty and grates like fine sandpaper against the tongue, but its full flavor is drawn out by the miso vinaigrette, complementing the natural sweetness of jamon iberico.

Penne for your Thoughts

My personal favorite and what I call the perfect, classy drunk food. Served in a deep bowl, this dish is a stew of beef confit and penne swimming in creamy jus that is the color and creaminess of good Thai tea. Truffles and porcini mushrooms create this punchy flavor that glides into your mouth and clings to your teeth – we won’t mind if you slurp it up as fast as you can.

Chocolate Ecstasy

I don’t even like chocolate that much. But, the combination of a chocolate hot pot, fresh mango and salted caramel ice cream and I saw the light. Slowly, gently drizzle the hot chocolate over the ice cream so that it hardens, and you have to crack the shell with your spoon before dipping it into the tender mango and taking it all in in one, big bite. Your skin comes alive. Your mouth puckers, you can’t speak, all you want to do is enjoy. Sometimes, it’s true – chocolate is better than sex.

But, don’t just take my word for it. Go visit the Firm yourself! See how it lives up to your standards of excellence. Ladies, stop by on Monday to get 3 free drinks. Fellas, well, stop by to be seen at the coolest, newest nightclub this side of Sukhumvit.

Where is The Firm?

The Firm is located at 10/3-10/4 Sukhumvit 33 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok in the beating heart of Bangkok, near the trendy EM District.

Open Hours

The nightclub is open daily from 10 pm until late, while the restaurant and Bar will be open 24/7.


0 2258 3644 and  06 5880 0333