Often in life, you only have two problems: one is not enough sleep and the other is not enough coffee. Though first might be caused by the second, people want more go-power for their day, yet they don’t want to drink the break room sludge. So, we offer six cafés near Asoke area that will not only perk you up but even wake you up.

1. Bitter Brown

The best-kept secret on Asoke Montri, Bitter Brown is about 200 meters away from the entrance to the infamous Soi Cowboy. Tucked in the first floor of a squat office building and behind some serene greenery, Bitter Brown is independently-owned by a Thai husband-wife team who are happy to rely on word-of-mouth to maintain their business. Come here to chill out, enjoy the free wi-fi and comfy couches. My favorite coffee there is the café latte (90THB), which is thick and luscious—like molten velvet.Opening Hours: 08:00- 19:00

Opening Hours: 08:00- 19:00

2. ARTiS

ARTiS, hailing from California, sources coffee beans from all over the world and roasts them daily. A few hundred meters away from BTS Asoke, it stands humble at the mouth of Sukhumvit Soi 18 near a waypoint for motorcycle taxi drivers. The small, though often unoccupied, the patio is great for people-watching if you do not mind the noise of traffic barreling down the road. If that isn’t your speed, the coffee is the key attraction here. ARTiS’ barista was a finalist at Maestro Barista Challenge 2016, the first challenge of its kind to come to Thailand. The single-origin espresso starts at 110THB.

Opening Hours: 07:00- 23:00

3. Kuppa

Tucked down a quiet(-er) soi, Kuppa is a staple in the Bangkok café scene. Legend has it that Kuppa used to be the Bangkok hangout for the American CIA, so watch out for spies in the well-dressed, upwardly-mobile crowd that frequents this café. You’ll rub elbows with affluent Thai, Japanese and Western businesspeople who flood into the old, repurposed warehouse that houses Kuppa around lunch or dinner time. Straddling the divide between the restaurant and overgrown café, Kuppa has a wide variety of food and roasts single-origin coffee in the house. Kuppa offers its famous coffee for sale: a 100g costs around 225THB.

Opening Hours: 09:00- 23:30

4. Tsukemen Jo

Just a hundred or so meters from Kuppa is my favorite coffee and noodle shop on Sukhumvit Soi 16, Tsukemen Jo. Jo is more famous for its noodles than its coffee, but my coworkers can’t help but comment on how I’m always walking into the office with their coffee. Jo is definitely the “budget” option on this list, but that doesn’t mean that they skimp on their coffee: 70THB nets you a flavorful, silky smooth cold brew Americano. The atmosphere itself is minimal and Zen with an eclectic mix of music whispering out of cleverly-hidden speakers.  Around lunchtime, the place is flooded with office-workers seeking to liven up their day with ramen (starting around 180THB) but they keep the coffee coming all day long.

 Opening Hours: 7:30- 23:30

5. CHU

Chu doesn’t specialize in coffee but in hot chocolate. Located on the second floor of the Exchange Tower across from Terminal 21 and easily accessible from the Skywalk, it is easily the closest to BTS Asoke and a fair pick to round out my list. A calm and easy-going place, the décor livens up an otherwise dull office building. It does an all-day breakfast but specializes in brunch and Western favorites. The hot chocolate, purported to be the best in Bangkok, costs 135THB.

Opening Hours: 07:30- 21:30

6. Gastro 1/6

This is a verdant café is famous for serving breakfast all day, every day (except Mondays). Swing by before the lunch-time rush for coffee and calm tucked into a subdued Sukhumvit Soi 22/2 Open until 3 o’clock, this not-really-restaurant focuses on its atmosphere and its coffee, but it has a secret side: their lunch specials that change every few days. The main draw is the coffee with your average Americano running you a crisp 100 bath note. The coffee is smooth, has little acidity and is locally-sourced from coffee growers in Northern Thailand. Stop by, take a break, that’s the charm of Gastro 1/6.

Opening Hours: 08:00 – 15:00