Wonderfruit, one of the biggest music festival in Thailand, brings together artists, musicians, foodies and creatives worldwide to collaborate and explore how we can live more sustainably and creatively. Wonderfruit celebrates diverse people with diverse ways of expressing themselves–and invites you along for the ride. Here, you can tap into who you are through your favorite activities. So here, I’m going to share some of the fun we had from Wonderfruit 2017:

Surround yourself with fashionistas. Hop into a picture with them and share your smile, give your positive vibes (you’re guaranteed to get some back). With fashionistas, fascinating art and decorations, you’ll take so many pictures that you run out of data on your phone – it’s not like you need those apps anyway.

Or maybe you’re an observer, seeking inspiration for your next personal project. Welcome: grab a cocktail and stroll through the fields of art projects. Enjoy the freedom of everyone exploring, celebrating their uniqueness. Or, truer to your nature, you can sit back and absorb the spectacle, see the pageantry of people performing and be inspired by it. We all create in different ways.

Are sports more your thing? New to Wonderfruit are paddleboarding and wakeboarding, easy-to-learn water sports that you can enjoy by yourself or with the friends you brought along! Both are great for kids too, so parents reading this need not feel neglected!

My personal favorites “things to do” are the yoga and “Acro-Yoga” activities. As a self-practice person, I enjoy seeing how other people practice and learn from them as well. Here, you can drop into a class with a cool teacher from some far corner of the world. Or, if you’re more practiced than I am (which is probably true), go off and try some Acro-Yoga with friends– be the star of your own show!

Wonderfruit is an all-day festival! So, after enjoying everything on offer during the day, hang around and enjoy the shows in the evening! There are many artists and genres of music that appeal to every audiophile. Rage into the night, you can always sleep the next day.

Wonderfruit Quick Facts

  • Wonderfruit gives special stage time to eco-heroes and start-ups pushing the boundaries of what is possible when it comes to being creative, sustainable and protecting our planet. Wonderfruit partnered with National Geographic to give these voices a much wider audience.

And a few words from Wonderfruit’s founder, Pete:

“Wonderfruit’s a curated platform to encourage developing tangible solutions for sustainable living and meaningful positive impact. Wonderfruit shows that living sustainably can be easy, fun, and even decadent, but this time we brought thousands of likeminded people to explore, enjoy, and make positive change.”

Where to stay at Wonderfruit?

Pattaya has everything from guesthouse to five-star luxury hotels. If you don’t camp at the field you may want to checkout Jomtien  Beach, Naklua or Pattaya City for accommodation. You can also book your stay with one of our hotels near the festival grounds here at Traveliko.com

So, should your travels carry you to exotic Thailand around December 2018, swing by the festival for cool activities and get inspired? Do more to protect your world. Learn how you, and your friends, can change the world!