Hi there! It’s me, Louie the Lemur! As the brand mascot for Traveliko, my first assignment is to travel around Thailand, meet people and help our partners set up their hotels. It’s challenging work but I’m eager to help and stoked about the good things that Traveliko’s bringing to the travel industry! But why am I here? Well, as I’m travelling, I found so many travel items on the road that I think it would match your travel lifestyle and I’d like to share those cool stuffs with you here! Check out what I found!

No.1 MOOF 49 – Luggage Bag

Travel in style with a MOOF49 sleek and durable travel bag. The classic style luggage is perfect for both domestic and international air flights, available in 4 sizes (20″, 24″,26″ and 29″) and 9 colors. I’d pick the PO20 classic model 22″, Space Silver color as the color really works with my fur and the size is perfect for a little lemur like me. They say good things come in small packages, right? Invest in quality and safety with their aluminium hard shell and TSA lock system – you’ll never have to worry about having your goodies gone again!

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No. 2 Kidnap me – Luggage Straps

You know when you’re waiting for your luggage at the carousel and you have to watch it like a hawk so you don’t miss your bag? Well, worry no more: this cool luggage strap makes your bag stand out! Customize it to your own style with as many as 11 letters and you’ll never forget what your bag looks like! Also, the adjustable strap will stop your bag from bursting and flinging your souvenirs everywhere!

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No. 3 Kidnap Me – Name Tag Keychain

Hop on the name-tag bandwagon! What’s your nickname? What’s your favorite color or favorite hashtag? Get a customized keychain that screams your name! This keychain is perfect your luggage, your family or even yourself this holiday season. If you want to buy me a New Year’s gift, make sure you put #louie!

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No. 4 Kidnap Me – Cross Bag

Save your essentials in a Kidnap Me cross-body bag that comes monogrammed just for you! Forget fearing for your passport or your travel insurance card with this show-stealing bag, stylish for the weekend stroll or relaxing on an island holiday! The only thing you need to worry about is picking your favorite color. This waterproof bag with an adjustable strap has everything else protected. 

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No. 5 Anda Man – Sunglasses Straps

Who says that fashion can’t be functional? Never lose your shades again with these fashionable sunglasses straps made just for you! Prized by sailors, surfers and beach bums around the world, Andaman BKK straps keeps palm trees and white sand beaches on your mind, all the time. Personalize it with your name, any word that you want or nothing at all – beach life is easy come, easy go. Dress up your sunwear —these straps are fashionable and functional! Get this item >>>   Facebook Instagram  

Ain’t those cool?

I’m sure you’ll like them and I’ll bring you more next time!

This is Louie, Signing Off