Thailand hasn’t been very famous for big style music festivals until now; in 2015 we started to see a few festivals pop up around the region, but now in 2017 there’s a festival almost every weekend in different parts of the Kingdom, and they are all pretty awesome!!

Here are my top picks and must-attend events in Thailand this year: 

1. Wonderfruit

Wonderfruit usually takes place at the end of December, this year to respect the 100 days of mourning for His Majesty King Bhumibol, they postponed the event to February 17-20. Wonderfruit has a fantastic concept, and to be honest probably the only kind of festival that the Thai crowd will ever truly LOVE. It’s very artsy with a hint of posh. The high-so’s mingle with the farangs and it all comes together nicely. With a lot of different arts and crafts, like special art installations, activities, and workshops like Muay Thai, Yoga, woodcarving, screen printing, hair styling. Specialist talks on environmental topics and interesting modern-day movements. Also, a lot of restaurants participate in the event making it a foodies paradise. The first year in 2015 the music lineup was out of this world, the next following years due to budget the lineup is less of a priority and have a less-known but equally as good international and local artist. The great thing about the festival is the glamping but for those that don’t camp, there’s a ton of awesome hotels around the Pattaya area.

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2. Kolour in the Park

Next, we have Kolour in the Park, this year will also be the 3rd time this yearly event is taking place in March. The production is very good but can’t be compared to Wonderfruit. It has a completely different vibe to it, and its capacity can hold around 1000 people max, whereas Wonderfruit has a 5000 capacity. The location is really quite nice and is the perfect weekend escape just outside of Bangkok. The lineup is a mix of a few internal acts but mostly local talent. The accommodation nearby the event is quaint and peaceful.

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3. Paradise Island

The last event I’d like to highlight is Paradise Island in Koh Samui, I have not yet been to this festival but everything about it sounds great. The lineup, the beautiful accommodation around the island and the experienced event organizers from the UK that work under the brand Soundcrash and have over 10 years experience organize top-notch events.

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It’s very exciting to see Thailand taking the lead in Asia for top music festivals. Hope that the authorities don’t close them all down and that the event organizers respect the land and its culture. A tricky job to juggle but if everyone is respectful, we could be seeing a lot of more of these events taking place.