What we face as children changes who we will be as adults. How a young person internalizes the good and bad experiences of their childhood colors who they will become. Some children grow up healthy and happy while others are victims of sickness, robbed of the most important experience of all: that of being a child. The Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health wants every child to be happy, healthy, and prepared for their future.

Children receiving treatment for long periods of time attend classroom lessons while those who are unable are given bedside instruction so that they do not fall behind their peers in school. In addition to lessons, the Institute provides psychological, social, or physical therapy for children traumatized by their pasts to “protect their rights and prevent repeated abuse”, working with private and governmental child agencies to ensure the best care for these children.



Setting an example for others to follow, the Institute is a center for developing accomplished young doctors. Pediatric doctors-in-training visit the Institute for training in pediatric cardiology, neonatal care and surgery and, above all, collaborating with other physicians to develop new techniques and treatments for long-term, childhood illnesses. The Institute works side-by-side with the World Health Organization (WHO), developing national medical policies, setting up a network to combat dengue fever, and offering 24-hour consultation for medical emergencies.

Unfortunately, the Institute uses an old building and outdated equipment. They have too many patients and not enough staff. The quality of care is still second-to-none, but maintaining this high level of care makes the doctors and nurses’ jobs more difficult. But, this is where you can help sick children have a childhood. The Institute is currently accepting donations so that they can construct a new hospital and purchase new equipment and with your help, this can become a reality.

The new equipment and facilities will be used to evolve with the growing demands of childhood healthcare in Thailand. Techniques and treatments will be invented, doctors will be trained and, most importantly, lives will be saved by your donations.  With your help, thousands of children across Thailand will have access to even better medical care and, with a little luck, get their childhoods back.

You can donate now to help build tomorrow. Donations may be made by cheque, payable to the Children’s Hospital Foundation for the Children’s Specialty Center in Honor of H.M. the Queen’s 80th Birthday or by donating at counter services nationwide using the donation code for the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Donation channels:

  1. Donate directly at the fundraisingcenterfor the Children’s Medical Center, in Honor of Her Majesty the Queen, on the 6th floor of the Siambaromrajakumari building, OSNICH 420/8 Rajvitee RD.

    Rajtevee, Bangkok Thailand. TEL: 02-354-8407 or 02-354-8321.

  2. You may transfer funds to the QSNICH’s bank account: SCB 111-410586-1. You should fax donation information to 02-3548326 for a tax-deductible receipt. Call the QSNICH fundraisingcenterfor more information at 088-0229769 or 088-8744673.
  3. Donate at counter services, such as 7/11, nationwide. You may also call to donate 02-354-8407.
  4. You may donate by credit card.

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