Bangkok, Thailand: On 28 June 2017, Traveliko won the Corporate Social Responsibility award at the 4th Digital Innovation Asia (DIA) Awards ceremony. DIA, held as part of the Digi Travel International Tourism Conference and Expo, “Gathers key digital players from brands, agencies, publishers, and technology/solution providers” to share and explore innovative ideas in the tourism and hospitality market of Southeast Asia. The award recognizes entrepreneurs and start-ups seeking to innovate digitally.


Yann Gouriou, co-founder and chief operations officer of Traveliko, sees the award slightly differently. “It is the first official recognition that our idea, our brand, resonates with the public.” Yann, an industry veteran, explained further, “we want to disrupt an unhealthy market and create a better way of doing business for our peers, the hoteliers, and the guests. That’s why we cut the commission to a flat 10% and give back to the world by donating 20% of it to charity.”

Traveliko, which launched in May of this year, does not want to compete in the hospitality marketplace like the other online travel agencies (OTAs); it wants to collaborate, creating an environment of equal, fair trade. Most OTAs prioritize placing “more interesting and more profitable” hotels first on their webpages than the hotels that actually suit guests’ needs. The more that you pay the OTA, the more visible you are to consumers. Soon, a bidding war breaks out for prime placement in the OTA’s search results.

Traveliko was founded out of frustration with this system. “I have worked in the industry for a long time and I was annoyed by the way things were done. The system is not sustainable. Greed is the biggest disease – not money, not power, but greed. We don’t want to compete, we want to complement our colleagues, the hoteliers, to help hotels reduce their overhead and focus once again on improving guests’ experience.

“We won this award because the organizer saw that there is a need for a change in the business. We are not trying to be greedy, but we want give a fair deal to the hotels and encourage everyone to give back to the world. By donating 20% of our commission to the country that the travelers choose to visit, the guests give directly back to that country.”

What’s new for Traveliko!

We are inviting hotels to partner with us and developing our database so that, when we launch our consumer platform, we can offer our consumers a wide variety of hotels. Stay tuned for more news from Traveliko!